There is something strangely unsettling about a camera, isnt there? We see a lens pointed at us, and suddenly that's all we can think about. We forget what we were talking about, or what was so funny. And then 'pop' the moment's gone.

So I won't be running through your wedding like a toddler chasing bubbles, interupting conversations, telling people to smile and snapping everything I see. I'll step back, blend in, and wait for moments to happen by themselves, and be ready to capture them when they do.

Because if you are patient, and careful enough to catch them, a genuine moment captured beautifully is worth a million gram-worthy poses.

If you are thinking 'say no more' at this point, just click the 'let's chat'.

A few minutes away from the 'wedding' to focus on the 'marriage'

I think it's important to have some images just for yourselves on your wedding day. And also to take some time for yourselves too. Just a few minutes of connection and intimacy away from the crowds, time to decompress, talk about your day, and just enjoy being together as a couple. And that's what our couple's session will be about.

So I'll scout out a few nice places for us to go, check where and when the sun will land to give us the most beautiful light possible and together we'll create some great images. But apart from that, I'll let you be.

If you'd normally walk and talk, do it. If you'd normally cuddle, do it. I'll never ask you to stand cheek to cheek or look forlornly over your shoulder towards the sunset. I want to give you photo's you'll love because they feel like you.

Your couple's portraits will be some of the most precious minutes you spend together, on one of the best days of your loves. I'll be damned if I am turning them into a turn key photoshoot.

Telling your story the way you want it to be told

It's amazing how much your wedding day photos will come to define your memory of the day. How everything you remember will be shaped by the story your wedding photographer chose to tell.

It's a big responsibility, and not something to be left to chance.

So before I snap a single shutter, let's have a proper chat, just the three of us. I want to know what kind of moments are important to you, how you want to remember your day. And when you're looking through the wedding album in 30 years' time, how you want the photos to make you feel.

And then once I know, that will be my compass. Pulling me towards certain moments or people. Telling me to watch just that little bit longer, or give someone just a little more space. Capturing all the moments that matter most to you, and telling the story of your day in the way you've always wanted it to be told.