Hi. I'm Lysa. Girl of many hats (and handbags), boudoir photographer, wildlife photographer and a relaxed wedding photographer living in Surrey.

I want you to have wedding photography that tells the true story of your day, the way you want to remember it. Just photos of you and the ones you love, having the time of your lives, and captured as the people you are.

So I'll never ask you to pause or pose for me. There'll be no pressure, no fuss, no 'hold it there for a second' start-stop romance. I want you to enjoy every moment without interruption, without worrying how you look, so you can drink like sailors, laugh like idiots and love with abandon.

I want you to experience every minute of your wedding day, make as many memories as possible and never once worry about the camera.

Wedding photography that tells the whole story

Your wedding day isnt just the story of you. It's the story of the day with all your favourite people gathered around you.

A story of little looks, and big jokes, sideways glances and sneakily shed tears. Children chasing each other across the grass, smiles creasing ancient skin. There's a whole firework of moments that'll happen and you'll only get top see the smallest sparks with your own eyes.

So of course I'll get photos of the two of you together, all besotted and loved up on your wedding day (you are the stars of the show after all). But I also want to give you space to enjoy your day without me. And capture all those wonderful moments you'd otherwise never get to see.

I want you to look back through your wedding photos in twenty years time and say 'dont they look like they are having fun' or 'look at that mischievous little face'. I want to give you wedding photography that's no more, and no less, than the full story of the best day of your lives.

Wedding photography in Surrey & Sussex

Choosing your wedding photographer is a really personal decision. So whatever you do, before you jump straight to the contact form, have a little nosey around. Get to know me a little more, find out what makes me tick and make sure we're a perfect fit for each other first.

From the experience you'll have with me on the day, to the moments I'll capture, to the way I'll tell your story, you'll either immediately love me, or you won't. And either way is fine! But aren't you a little curious to find out?

Engagement & pre-wedding photography in Surrey

Getting married and want an engagement shoot to celebrate? Congratulations, count me in!

Thinking of popping the question and want me to secretly capture the moment? Oh I'm definitely in, especially as I am blessed with a ninja-like sneakiness!

Whatever stage of your engagement you'd like me to capture, I'd love to be involved.

Boudoir photography in Surrey or Sussex

Whether you want to gift the photos to your partner as a wedding morning gift, or keeping them only for yourself, our boudoir photography session will be about so much more than just the photos.

Because no matter what shape or size you are, you are beautiful. And I want to give you the opportunity to see that beauty, love it and embrace it.

Looking for a relaxed wedding photographer in Surrey or Sussex?

I often get told by my couples how relaxed they feel around me. "Everyone said how wonderful it is to have such a calm and laid back photographer". It's really lovely to hear, and I hear it a lot.

And for me, that's what being a wedding photographer is all about. Being the calming presence that makes everything feel easy. Giving you the confidence of knowing I'm there if you need me, and the freedom to soak up every moment that comes your way.

If you are looking for a wedding photographer in Surrey or Sussex and think we might be a perfect fit, get in touch today and let's chat.