Boudoir Photography in Surrey & Sussex

My boudoir sessions aren't about hiding lumps and bumps, or digitally crafting a version of beauty that isn't yours. They're about using light and shape to accentuate the beauty you already have.

And trust me, whatever your body shape, there are poses and lighting techniques that will make you look - and feel - incredible.

I have a little boudoir book I bring to every session, filled with lots of different poses for every body shape you could think of. We'll look through it together, and you can pick out a few you'd like to try. I'll give you direction and guidance as we go, we'll have fun along the way, and before long you'll discover a whole new side of yourself.

My own boudoir shoot experience

I had a boudoir photography session of my own when I turned 40. An initially I booked it purely as an experience for myself. As cruelly unforgiving as I was of my post birth, mid-life body, I just wanted to feel beautiful again.

The session itself was amazing, and beyond empowering. I left filled with a long-forgotten confidence, not only at peace with my body but in love with it again. And honestly, I've felt differently about myself ever since.

A little while later (and after much resistance), I let my husband see the photos. Suffice to say, he loved them! So much so, he has a huge canvas of when of them on his home office wall. And as much as I'd never intended anyone else to see them, I love that he loves them.

Because every time I see that giant canvas, I get to see myself the way he sees me. Beautiful.

Boudoir photography in Surrey or Sussex

Whether you are giving the photos as a wedding morning gift to your partner, or keeping them for yourself, our boudoir photography session will be about so much more than just the photos.

Because no matter what size or shape you are, you are beautiful. And I want to give you the opportunity to see that beauty, love and embrace it.

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